Secrets to writing a great book

I began to find a scarier side of life. I began to meet people have been beyond hope, outside help.

The single way to improve at all is to DO IT. DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Eventually I wrote a book, that is now getting close to one million copies sold.

So blow off most book writing information. A great deal of people give difficult advice . When I had followed any of this information it wouldn’t have worked for me.

I was becoming one of those people. I was sick. I was degenerate. I was desperate. I hid.

That is it.

This is the first year since 2003 I am not writing at least one book. I have 18 books written. Altogether almost two million copies sold.

1 common thing I heard at three each day everyone lied to live. Facts are a luxury we day-people choose granted.

Novels have been around for centuries. Tweets for ten decades. Novels are going to be approximately tens of thousands of years from now.

So I wrote more like it. And I wrote a children’s book. And one small novella. And five more books.

After which I wrote and published 18 books. The first six were awful. Maybe more. Maybe first eight.

Tell your great-great grandchildren that story. You might have that book inside you. And everybody needs to write one.

It made me happy to write that book. Everything I write now, I try to ask myself,”Is this authentic?” And truth has finally set me free (cliche but it works).

My therapist does not agree with me but I think my parents adored me.

Do not follow my information. It’s just what I did.

But write a book. Then write two.

Everyone has a tale to share with. Trust me about this.

Then I got honest. I simply told the truth.

Then my life changed.

And this book might be a love story, a company story, a how to, a book about trivia, or even a horror book.

If the truth is a luxury then give it to people because it will stand out. Give them all of your luxuries.

I saw people die on the verge of success. Because stress will kill you. And life is short. And they had killed their present in the hope for a future that never came.

Thus write. Find the darkness inside you. Figure out at which you reached for love and either succeeded or failed.

All I could do was to listen to. And write concerning them.

So my very first four novels were unpublished. I was 22, 23, 24, after which 25.

But if it’s about the 99.999% of the whole world that’s dark, and you will find this one rare breed of love, then it will be a good book.

My one lousy thing: I didn’t participate in almost any group. And I loathed myself. Although perhaps maybe not fair enough to declare it.

My good friend, Ryan Holiday wrote an excellent article recently,”Please do not write some more novels”. He’s correct also. Too many people now are writing books as “business cards”.

I was humiliated.

There is a great deal of information about how to write a book. Writing a book is somewhat simple. Maybe writing a master piece is. But that’s subjective. Who is aware of what a master piece is.

After which I lost a lot of money and got scared I couldn’t feed my children. After which I lost my father. And a house. And, to some extent, my children. My family.

I tried to write a book about someone who match, that was the kind of person I wished to really be.

I wrote some books about finance. I was glad to get it out of my way –“I wrote a book!” but they weren’t yet real books — books that I viewed as works of art. Things I wanted to say.

At the lowest, you’ve got one or two readers: write a story your great-great grandchildren will wish to read.

Under cover police were anyplace but did nothing whatsoever.

Life have been a straight line for me personally: dwelt at a single house for 12 decades. Went along to good college. Went to graduate faculty.

This year I’ve been focusing on another obsessive interest of mine, which is comedy. Comedy is pain converted into art. Is sadness converted into laughter.

And I dropped and again back again. Only one evening I finally asked,”why?

Why refuse them your excellent story?

I watched and did nothing while her pimp punched her to the ground afterwards she (maybe just 16 years old) tried to talk if you ask me personally.

Life became very sad for me. Which is why I still rank high if you search, “I Want to Die” on Google.

My very first four novels were bad, so arrogant, PUKE!